Meet the Cast of Urinetown: The Musical!

First Row: Emma Blickenstaff (Little Becky Two Shoes), Angela Cesena (Penelope Pennywise), Seton Chiang (Officer Barrel), Daniel Chong (Mr. McQueen), Elyse Cook (UGC Staff/ Poor Ensemble/Pit Singer)

Second Row: Nico Conrad (Tiny Tom), Jessica Ellithorpe (Hope Cladwell), Becca Euchler (Little Sally), Ashley Faus (UGC Staff/Poor Ensemble), Lindsay Gardner (UGC Staff/Poor Ensemble)

Third Row: Ben Hatch (Caldwell B. CLadwell) Kathleen Hornbacker (Robbi The Stockfish), John Paul Kilecdi-Li (Billy Boy Bill), Gabrielle Lanier (Mrs. Millenium), Jaime Melendez (Cladwell’s Secretary)

Fourth Row: M.C. Mendoza (Poor Ensemble/Dance Captain), Janet Miller (Pit Singer), Sam Nachison (Officer Lockstock), Skyler Riordan (Dr. Billeaux), Steve Roma (Bobby Strong)

Fifth Row: Peter Spoelstra (Hot Blades Harry), Gwendolyne Wagner (Josephine Strong), Stephanie Whigham (Soupy Sue), Randy Wise (Joseph “Old Man” Strong), Jonathan Wright (Senator Fipp)

Sixth Row: Catherine Yee (UGC Staff/Poor Ensemble), Marissa Young (Poor Ensemble)

Come and see these amazing actors on stage at the Sunnyvale Community Theatre.

Buy tickets here!

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